The New Security Foundation’s ‘Security and Defence Learning Forum’ has become an important part of the annual ONLINE EDUCA conference in Berlin. Now fully integrated into EDUCA’s main programme, SDL allows participants to take part in Europe’s largest conference on technology-assisted learning and to network with hundreds of experts, practitioners and investors.

As part of EDUCA’s security-related training track, the New Security Foundation will host three ‘Security and Defence Learning’ sessions. These will cover recent developments in security-related education, training and technology; training problems associated with the management of change in the revolutionary environment of modern security; and, in what is likely to be one of EDUCA’s most thought-provoking sessions, “The End of Secrecy – and What it Means.”

“We are lining up an exciting programme for SDL, with a very broad appeal,” says NSF Chairman, Harold Elletson. “SDL is always an opportunity for people from a wide variety of backgrounds to come together and discuss some of the most important issues affecting security and learning. Our session on secrecy is likely to be the occasion for a fascinating debate about the implications of recent developments, such as Wikileaks and the Snowden Affair.  It will focus on how people, businesses and governments can learn to manage and operate effectively in a new era in which much greater transparency will be expected by citizens and customers.”